Blue Bottom Girls

The colour blue seems to have cropped up in quite a few of my posts recently and this one is no exception, as the ladies of New York city seem to have been taking their fashion inspiration from Yves Klein this season. Fellow New Yorker and graphic designer Timothy Goodman started capturing the trend on his Tumblr blog Blue Bottom Babes in April this year, amassing a significant archive of ultramarine-inspired ensembles. At first glance it does look a little like Mr Goodman has been stalking women wearing blue ‘pants’, as they say in America. But each image is separated by a quote or remarks, often quite poetic, about the colour blue including “Blue is used to denote Jupiter and Juno, god and the goddess of heaven, indicates good fortune and expansiveness.” and “The cosmic soul or higher mind of nature expresses much of the peace, beauty, and harmony of creation through the blue rays.” However I have no idea where the majority of the quotes are from, as, apart from a handful with references they aren’t attributed to anyone or anything. I may have to find out as they make an interesting collection of observations.

Klein was of course famous for his work with the colour blue, particularly his paintings where he concentrated on producing monochrome canvases covered with ultramarine pigment suspended in polyvinyl acetate, a synthetic resin which retained the vividness and depth of colour of dry pigments, that dull when mixed with traditionally used linseed oil. When eleven of the canvases were exhibited together ar the Gallery Apollinaire in Milan in 1957, the show was an international success and received critical acclaim. The shade became synonymous with Klein and is known as International Klein Blue (IKB) and it is this colour that is recurrent throughout the images captured by Timothy Goodman. That the colour is so popular with New York women is unsurprising as it featured in the SS12 collections of a number of high-profile names including Hermes, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and Elie Saab. That the colour is having a renaissance this summer is particularly apt as the 6th June 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of Klein’s death.



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