Colour & Form Study

Yesterday afternoon I had my head in an fMRI scanner in the name of research for Dimitris Mylonas’ Colour & Form study. Dimitris also ran an online colour naming experiment (but with more of a multi-lingual emphasis) while on the Msc Digital Colour Imaging course also at London College of Communication. He is continuing to run colour and visual perception experiments at UCL, colour and form being the latest.

The experiment involved the subject (which in this case was me) lying very still in an fMRI scanner while a number of scans of the brain take place. During several of the scans I took part in a simple task involving either colour or shape identification by either matching with another visual or naming with a word. While this was happening data was collected about my heart rate, blood flow through the brain, response time, eye position, breathing and responses to the task.

In a few weeks time, after Dimitris has been able to start analysing the results I will post one of the images from my fMFI scan.

The experiment will be running until September and if you would like to take part details can be found on Experimatch.


Image of an MRI Scanner


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