Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Finally, in November after months of initial research and proposals, followed by almost a year of development, research, analysis, design and presentation I handed my MA Graphic Design Major Project, Colourful Language in to the postgraduate tutors at LCC for assessment. The culmination of a total of 17 months of work amounted to a two reports, a series of 13 books, 3 posters and 6 volumes of supporting material. All of the outcomes and background development from the project can be found above in the other sections of this blog or can be viewed as online publications in my profile on issuu.

Although I planned to use this blog to document the progress of the research for my Major Project when I originally wrote the proposal, it proved near impossible to edit and write posts about each piece of new research at the same time as conducting it. As a result posts have been thin on the ground and severely lagging behind events. But despite the MA course having finishing and the project officially having come to an end I have elected to continue this blog and rather than serving as a record of the development of the project I aim to use it to document all things colourful. I will also be posting about segments of my research and links that I have come across as part of the project retrospectively as a way of building a resource of colour and language related material.

Colour and Language Explorations Books


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