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Back in December London College of Communication hosted an exhibition of work by students graduating from its postgraduate programme. With all of the galleries and exhibition spaces across the college building in Elephant and Castle at our disposal, my work was displayed in the Upper Street gallery alongside my coursemates from the MA Graphic Design part time course.

After a disproportionate amount of time spent taping together and rearranging cardboard boxes while fretting about curation the exhibition opened successfully and on time on the 1st of December 2011. Despite being on a Monday night and close to Christmas, there was a good turn out to the private view on Monday 5th. Although the lure of free booze and lack of snow compared to the previous year seemed to be enough to entice people south of the river.

The show was accompanied by a website (my profile can be viewed here) to leave an online legacy for students, long after the exhibition has closed. For those with a print fetish there was also a hefty tomb of a catalogue, with a double page spread showcasing each of the contributing students work. The whole exhibition including signage and invites was tied together with a visual identity comprising of a distinctive modular typeface and a monochrome colour palette of fluorescent red accents on white used throughout.

Ironically there was some debate during the set up of the show as to whether the colour was fluorescent orange or red. It goes to show that there is no escaping arguments about colour. I have posted photos below of the exhibition so you can judge for yourselves. Though it is worth bearing in mind that under the fluorescent glow of the strip lighting at LCC the colour does appear more orange than red, demonstrating just how much of a slippery subject colour perception can be.


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Graduate of MA Graphic Design at London College of Communication

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