On Wednesday I had my first tutorial with John after the Easter break. I have produced a fair amount of visual work since our last meeting so there was quite a lot to discuss.The session was a bit disjointed as it was cut short by a lunchtime meeting. However I did managed to catch up with John later in the day to finish the discussion. There is a group seminar next week so I hope to get some more feedback from other people then.

On the whole John seemed pleased with the work I have been doing. The work I have done with Google image search seemed to interest him the most as it asked questions about how google ranks the results of its searches. Although this is not something that I have planned to look at as part of my research it is an interesting point. As I explained that the results for searches change slightly all the time as more content is added to the internet John suggested I could look at repeating the exercise over a period of time, and compare the results. Although I am keen to continue developing visual outcomes for other research I have done I may pursue that suggestion in some way, later in the project.

The only thing that I mentioned that concerned John was the survey I am writing. The survey is unfortunately still not yet live but John raised the problem of what I do if I get a low number of respondents. I have considered this, and although I hope it doesn’t happen there is the possibility of looking at data collected by other people who have done similar research. Of course I would much prefer to have a set of data that I had collected myself, directly tailored to my own research questions but at least I have a Plan B.


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