Stolen White Goods

Last autumn at the London Art Book Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery I bought a small artist’s book called Stolen White Goods. The publication is anonymous but it was published by the IKON Gallery in Birmingham in 2005 in an edition of 500. It caught my eye because of the title and also because by then I was researching colour for my unit 2 work.

The book documents 36 items, white or whiteish in colour, totaling a value of £46.41 that were stolen from 6 shops in and around Bristol.

From the perspective of my project, it is interesting to see the variety of items that are mundane and commonplace that are synonymous with the colour white. It particularly interested me because it is similar to the Cabinet Magazine column about the colour White which lists a collection of things related to the colour white. While some are white objects, others are things or people associated with white.

The play on ‘white goods’ in the title of the book, is also interesting as that also refers to everyday household goods but of a very different kind. White goods is also one of the English idioms I have been collecting as part of my research.

Although none of the objects photographed are linguistically linked to the name of the colour white, it is interesting to see how they are presented and photographed, very simply, without any context. This is something I must consider with regards to my own project of photographing objects that are the name of a colour.


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