More Googling the Rainbow

Since my last post about this particular research activity I having added further processes to the collection of colour related images that I pulled from my Google image searches. These include centering and layering each of the sets of images on top of each other with 30% transparency. I have done this for each of the eleven basic colour terms and within each colour for the original images, the set processed by Colourphon and the set that was averaged in Photoshop. I have also added a further set which takes each of the original images and adds a consistent amount of Gaussian blur in Photoshop, resulting in something approaching a colour field. These have also been layered with transparency.

Of the averaged, layered images I have taken a swatch from the centre of the image, representing the culmination of the colours of the layers. And from the layered original images I have taken a one pixel wide vertical cross section, from the centre of the image and stretched it across to created bands of colour.

These processes have thrown up some problems, mainly to do with consistency of size and colour management. Fortunately most have been solved, however I may repeat the process at a later date, with an improved methodology, if it is considered worthwhile. However the exercise has helped me to generate some some interesting effects and comparisons. It has helped me see how different processes can affect the colours in an image, and how an image can be broken down from recognisable shapes to fields of colour. It has also helped me to appreciate how far images and colours can be pushed before they morph into something else. For example, the images I have been working with are representations of the eleven basic colour terms, mediated by Google’s image search tool. Despite the number of processes the images have been put through a number of them, particularly blue and green remain accurate to the original colour term searched for. They still have a strong connection to the language that represents them.

PDFs of the work so far can be seen here:

Updated Book 1 to which the blurred images have been added.

Book 3 which is the compilation of all of the subsequent processes.


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