Survey Drafts

As outlined in my proposal, a significant amount of the data I plan to gather for this project will come from surveys. I have already described some of the things I wanted to find out through questionnaires in my proposal and today I wrote a draft of the survey questions I intend to administer. Initially I thought about doing a series of very short surveys, dealing with one area of interest at a time. However I feel it would be difficult to get enough people to participate with this method. I certainly think that if I put all of my questions into one survey it would be too long for people to sustain interest in, which might affect the level of effort put into the answers and participation. After drafting the questions I was able to find a logical structure which split them into two surveys of a reasonable length.

For each of the surveys I will be asking some basic demographic questions so that it will be possible for me to make some comparisons across gender etc.

I will be asking:

Gender: M/F

Age: Under 20/21-39/41-59/60 +


Is English your first language? Y/N

If no what is you first language?

Do work in the creative industries or have you studied in the arts or design beyond the age of 18? Y/N

In the second survey I have also added a section asking about viewing conditions of the light and screen to take into account the variation in the representation of colour on computer screens, including:

Are you viewing this screen in:

1. Natural Daylight

2. Fluorescent/Strip lights/Energy Saving Light Bulbs

3. Conventional Light Bulbs/Incandescent/Halogen Bulbs

Is the light:

1. Bright

2. Medium/Normal

3. Dim

Is your computer a:

1. PC

2. Mac

3. Don’t Know

Is you screen:

Flat Screen/TFT





Don’t Know

I have also included a brief introduction to each survey detailing the purpose of the survey and research:

This survey has been designed to help me gather data for my MA Graphic Design Major Project about how people talk about colour. All of your answers will be kept completely anonymous and confidential. You data will only be used for my research and will not be passed on to anyone else. The survey should only take a few minutes of your time, your participation is highly valuable to my research and much appreciated.

I intend to use an online survey creator to host the survey. This maybe Survey Monkey, although there are many others and I need to assess which one best suits the type of research I am doing. Once it is online I will be publishing the surveys through as many channels as possible, to gain a good sized sample and a significant number of results.


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