Photographing Colour

For the past few weeks, along side my other research activities I have been photographing objects that have the same names as colours, such as oranges. From my collected list of colours I have separated out abstract colours like red and blue and descriptive colours, hues which take there names from objects in the world around us. In some cases it was difficult to determine whether the colour was abstract or descriptive due to a lack of information. However I compiled a list of objects that I could photograph and discovered that was a surprising amount of colour names that are taken from other things that I could photograph.

This presented me with a problem. I intend to compile the objects in the form of a book. However, my list of objects was over 300, realistically too many to include in a book without it becoming tedious and boring. As yet I don’t have a method for narrowing down the list that is systematic enough. I could base the editing process on how good the photographs look collectively however this very subjective. Alternatively I could exclude obscure names or names that are not often used to refer to colours but to do this objectively I need to find something to reference this against.

Although I have not managed to resolve this issue I have begun taking photos to take advantage of the weather and things that are seasonal like magnolias. Yesterday I went to the Borough Market in Southwark to photograph fruit and vegetable and was able to take find a number of the things on the list. As soon as the photos have been developed I will post some of the preliminary images on the blog.


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Graduate of MA Graphic Design at London College of Communication

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