More Posters and a Book

I have also created a book showing the search results of each of the eleven basic colour terms plus the two different colour analysis for each image. I have produced two different iterations for structuring the book, which is in a very basic form at the moment, without any text or covers (although I plan to only include minimal text).

The first version separates the colour analysis from the original images, but follows the same sequence. The second iteration shows the different colour analyses for each image on the same page as the image. Both have there own merits, although I feel that the images on the pages of the second version look a little repetitive.

Google Image Book 1

Google Image Book 2

As a continuation of the book I have also produced a set of posters (still in a basic form, with placeholder text) that show a set of images per poster, one of the original images, one of the Colourphon analysis and one of the averaged images. I envisage these being shown together as a set, to allow for comparison. Although the content of the posters would be largely the same as the book, by displaying them in this way, it allows for all the images to be seen at once, creating a greater visual impact.

Google Image Poster Set 1

Google Image Poster Set 2

Google Image Poster Set 3
As mentioned earlier, the posters and the book are in a very basic state, as it is only really the effect of the images that I am looking at, at this stage.

Although I have conducted searches for the basic colour terms and the colours of the spectrum, I wish to return to this methodology to explore less common colour terms, as a way of exploring what they mean. However before I do this I have to find a method for selecting which terms to use, something which may come from the results of my own surveys.


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