The Colour Museum

Last weekend, while in Yorkshire I visited the Colour Museum in Bradford. Well… I would have done if the museum was still open. The Colour Museum was a unique and  long-standing tourist attraction in Bradford, featuring displays and artifacts about colour and dying. I last visited the museum in 2001 to do research for an A Level art project, and found a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of colour. I wrote a visit to the museum into my proposal for this project as I thought it would be a useful exercise in refreshing my memory and improving my general knowledge of colour.

When I first started researching colour in preparation for my proposal last year, the museum still had it’s own website, but had been re-named the Society of Dyers and Colourists Colour Experience. The SDC have just relaunched their own website which takes the place of five individual websites that were representing different aspects of the society and its activities. Unfortunately there is nothing on the SDC’s new website indicating how long ago the Colour Museum closed to the general public and why. The Colour Experience is now used as a teaching and learning facility, however access to this appears only to be available to pre-booked groups, rather than individuals like myself.

Despite this set back I intend to contact the SDC about my research, through their website to find out if their are any resources at a later date.


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