How well can you see colour?

Just as our sense of smell and our hearing vary slightly from person to person, our ability to perceive colour is subjective too. It is generally held that women are better at perceiving colour than men because of a gene in the X chromosome which allows the perception of red. Women have two X chromosomes which can interact with the ones that enable us to see green, enhancing the perception of colour. This is the same reason that eight percent of men have some colour deficiency.

Albert Munsell, who created the Munsell Colour System using a system of percepetually uniform colours based on observations and measurements of human colour vision. A colour vision test was developed by Dean Farnsworth using Munsell’s colour system.

A version of this test is available online on the X-rite website, who now own Pantone and the Munsell Colour Company, originally set up by Munsell to promote his research.


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