Tutorial Feedback So Far

During my first group tutorial I discussed the ideas I was researching and had been reading about. Some of these were research activities that I had previously outlined in my proposal such as watching episodes from the television series The Beauty of Diagrams and visiting the Evolving English Exhibition at the British Library.

It was suggested that as I there were a number ideas I was researching I should continue with this strategy and that as my research progressed, one aspect of the project might emerge as being more significant or valid, which I could then concentrate on.

In the follow up tutorial with John we reviewed the progress I had made with my ideas. We discussed the fact that colour was such a vast subject and that even narrowing it down to ‘colour and language’ still covered a lot of ground.

It is clear from the amount of research already written on the subject that it would be possible to produce a thesis as the outcome of the Major Project. However as there is already a large amount of material on the subject with little or no visual element to it, so I wanted to exploit this lack and use it as a way to differentiate my research outcomes from similar projects. By producing a project about colour and language with a strong visual element I would essentially be ‘exploiting a gap in the market’ by making it my unique selling point.

John raised the concern about striking the right balance between producing a project that was aesthetically but still had substance and content. It is important to me to have a project that is not just ‘pretty’ but equally important to have one that is not just dry and academic. With a subject that covers both colour and language it would be very easy to go either way. However I feel that by adding a human element, which will come from the results of my surveys I hope to create something that people will find interesting because they can relate to it in a familiar way.

I also hope that the project will be interesting because of the idiosyncrasies of language and the way it is used to describe colour. This project isn’t an attempt to solve the problem of describing colour with language, but to document and visualise the variety and peculiarities of how we talk about it.


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