For Fun

When I was at college I had a saturday job working in a record shop in my home town. All the discs from the cases on the shop floor were kept behind the counter to stop people shoplifting them. As a result I would often spend my morning filing discs from new deliveries (which were all in cardboard sleeves) in alphabetical order, by the name of the band, in the floor-to-ceiling shelves that lined the back of the shop. The result of this was that I became very good at putting things in alphabetical order and I learnt the names of a lot of bands.

One thing that often stuck me was that there were lots of bands that used colours in their name. At one end of the spectrum you have Simply Red and at the other you have Deep Purple, via the boy “band” Blue, Greenday, Yellowjackets and Agent Orange to name but a few. And that’s before you’ve even got into non-spectral colours like Macy Gray and James Brown.

I often wondered what the extent of this trend was, how many bands and recording artists were there who used colours in there names? And what sort of range of colours did this involve? Discovering The Magnetic Fields lyric about Pantone 292 reminded me of my interest in this, so I decided to have a go at finding out. After a lot of memory jogging and the same amount again of internet research my initial list contains 111 names and a range of 26 different colours. This is by no means definitive, and the internet threw up a number of international suggestions which were completely off my radar. So I will continue to add to the list (hopefully with more suggestions) with the intention of using this data for something a little more relevant to my project, but no less fun.

The list so far


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