Cabinet Magazine

Every issue, Cabinet Magazine, a quarterly fine art publication asks one of its regular columnists to write a piece about a designated colour. The collective and ongoing body of writing that these articles represent has proved me with many insights into the history, meaning, origins and associations of many of the colours chosen. They provide an interesting, often unusual and sometimes personal take on a rainbow of hues ranging from the common, the obscure and the misunderstood.

This is a complete list of all the colours that have been chosen for the column:

Issue 1 Bice

Issue 2 Beige

Issue 3 Ash

Issue 4 Ruby

Issue 5 Indigo

Issue 6 Hazel

Issue 7 Safety Orange

Issue 8 Rust

Issue 9 Sulphur

Issue 10 Ultramarine

Issue 11 Pink

Issue 12 Chartreuse

Issue 13 Khaki

Issue 14 Sepia

Issue 15 Purple

Issue 16 Pistachio

Issue 17 Gray

Issue 18 Ivory

Issue 19 Silver

Issue 20 Cyan

Issue 21 Yellow

Issue 22 Tawny

Issue 23 Scarlet

Issue 24 Violet

Issue 25 Brown

Issue 26 Olive

Issue 27 White

Issue 28 Mauve

Issue 29 Opal

Issue 30 Maroon

Issue 31 Prussian Blue

Issue 32 Puce

Issue 33 Porphyry

Issue 34 Magenta

Issue 35 Verdigris

Issue 36 Black

Issue 37 Green

Issue 38 Red

Issue 39 Amber

Issue 40 Gold


About eleanorbydesign

Graduate of MA Graphic Design at London College of Communication

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