Colour Forecasting

On the 16th February I visited the Surface Design Show to see the Colour Forecasting Seminar and the colour Trend Wall produced by Global Colour Research for the exhibition. The colour trend wall detailed colour trends for spring/summer 2012 which were descriptively named as Epiphany, Scratch, Vanity, Monitor but gave little away as to what colours they might allude to without actually seeing a mood board for the trend.

I also spoke to Jackie Nash, the Managing Director and founder of Global Colour Research about my own research which proved to be interesting and informative. We discussed the way people have problems being specific about small variations in colour, which of course the eye can differentiate but are difficult to describe with language. This is one of the problems that I wish to explore further through my research and is one of the ideas central to my proposal. Jackie also explained the Natural Colour System to me, which I was aware of but have not looked at in detail. It is a numeric colour specifying system, similar to Pantone and Munsell but structured in a more logical way and is used across a number of industries for specifying colour. She also talked about the work Global Colour Research do and how using the natural colour system allows for more consistent colour when forecasting colour trends that will be applied to different surfaces.

Although colour forecasting is not directly related to the research I intend to carry out for my Major Project, as it is something that I have already looked at as part of my work for Unit 2.3 Design & Rhetoric, the discussion with Jackie gave me some interesting leads to follow up for further investigation. It also confirmed that the question I have posed to investigate for my Major Project does have validity in the real world and is something that other people recognise as interesting.


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