Colour at the Edge of the Universe

It is impossible to talk about colour without talking about light. Without light, we cannot see colour. According to modern theories of physics, all the light, and therefore colour in the universe was created by the Big Bang, 13.7 billion light years ago.

On Sunday I watched Professor Brian Cox talk about light and what it can tell us about our universe in the final Episode in the series Wonders of the Universe. The Hubble Space Telescope has taken pictures of sections of deep space showing galaxies at the very edge of our visible universe, 13 billion light years away.

In the pictures, the galaxies furthest away from us appear to glow red, different from the colours of galaxies nearer to our own. In visible light red is the longest wavelength that humans can see. The red glow reveals that the universe is expanding because the light waves have been stretched over time, becoming a longer wavelength. The colour red that we are seeing, is literally billions of years old and has taken from the very beginnings of the universe until now to reach us.


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